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What are the advantages of Outsourcing your QS work?


If the business has a choice, why outsource your work? Don’t you think you have your own in house QS is better than get an external consultant ?


There are two main common situation when businesses start consider outsource the QS work :

1. Startup business and expansion Company

2. Increase of work load of in house QS

However, the resources crunch in today Singapore context are putting many pressure on SMEs, where hard to find a replacement of QS to follow up the existing task is another new challenge for them. The right and suitable QS with experience can not easily be replaced with new fresh QS and the project will be suffered due to inexperience and inefficient of new fresh QS.

The solution : turn to outsource partially or totally of QS work out to professional firms that provide the solution.

This is make sense from point of view of business and consider the alternative resources when it is possible.


The business owners of SMEs shall serious review the existing operation and consider

the alternative of outsourcing if possible.

Read about the article¬† ” Top 7 Outsourcing Advantages” by James Bucki, although

the example are on IT solution instead of construction perspective.


With understanding of the advantages of the outsourcing, if you are in construction industry, why you limit only your in-house QS team and not going for outsource where you can increase your productivity and concentrate your team on more high value work?


Put aside of the quality and assurance of the external consultant that you are concern, start to look into the positive that bring to your business and work with a outsource company that you can trust. Assign them a small assignment before passing them the big project to handle will be a good start.

There are more reasons and advantages and not limited to that.

The limit is the sky, if the solution is border-less.

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