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Cost for Foreign Worker Dorms

In past years of construction booming in Singapore, the demand for the housing facilities or worker dormitories are in high demand in most of the “hot dormitories” like near to the town and MRT.

Thanks to the enforcement on the illegal worker squatter, many construction activities which mean more workforce in the market has drive the price of foreign worker dorm from around $200 to $300. It has putting pressure to the construction firms to bare the increase the operating cost to accommodate the workers and long waiting list is frustrated the firms , or with no choice to house at farer dormitories which will increase the transportation cost and time spend on travelling on the road.


Worker dormitory

As reported in the news recently, the scenarios has been improved and this time the dormitories is going through the “winter time” where the business is dropped sharply. The day of long waiting list is over, more vacancy on the beds as there are more sites are allowed to build squatters on site when obtain approval from authorities. A project that sizeable and required to commute  more than 100 workers are sound acceptable which can reduce the travelling and transportation time for the workers and indirectly saving for the firms.

To keep the cost of dormitories low is essential and shall not unreasonable to  increase further $320 is unreasonable when compare with the worker salary ratio.

With the current improvement and more new dormitories are available in the market, it will help the price adjustment to a reasonable level and reduce the cost to off set the increase of worker levy.



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