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Engineering Course Preferred in Singapore University, NUS, NTU


That is not surprise every year, top A-level students always make a beeline for medicine, law and business because these fields are seen to offer lucrative careers. Many of them do not even list engineering as one of their degree choices. However, in recently it has been changed in two most of popular University in Singapore, NUS ; NTU. – See more at: Strait Times  dated 29 July 2014.

It may thanks to the construction booming in last few years since 2009 when the construction industry in picking up all the way till today, and the government support for the infrastructure has been lay in the pipe line till 2020 has been making high demand for the engineering train talents. This is not limited to the construction but extended to the mechanical and engineering which may inter-related in some field.


The Top students, including those who chalk up the maximum 90 points for university admission, are not only listing engineering as one of their degree choices but several are even choosing it over law and medicine. The trend is have significant evident at NTU.

With more automation and productivity movement encourage by the government and industry, it can attract more top talents join the workforce and ultimate lift up the standard further and lighten the resource constraint which is heavy rely on the foreign talent.



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