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Fire Prevention Program for Construction Project

For every construction project, FIRE is a disaster and has serious consequences, not only people are injured, buildings are destroyed, plant and equipment is damaged, but the work is also held up and completion dates are affected. Therefore, a comprehensive prevention program shall be developed and precautions and adopting a safe work practices is crucial.

fire prevention program

All parties for the projects on the site must work together to ensure that the work on site is undertaken to the highest standard of fire safety thereby affording the maximum level of projection to the building and the personnel.

The client and main contractor shall prepared the Fire Prevention Program as minimum requirements for fire prevention, fire detection, fire fighting, and emergency preparedness and procedures during construction work.

All parties should assess the degree of fire risk to formulate and regularly update the program as constructions proceeds. All contractors shall fully responsible for their fire fighting facilities and services.

Causes of Fire

Common causes of fire on construction site are :

  • Malicious ignition
  • Hot Work activities
  • Electrical faults
  • Carelessness in smoking
  • Faulty or misuse heating equipment
  • Incorrect storage and use of flammable liquids, substances
  • Uncontrolled rubbish burning
  • Poor housekeeping


Detail of Program

  •  The detail of organization and responsibilities for fire safety. Appoint Site fire safety coordinator and fire marshals or warden, who will take responsibility for the Fire Prevention Program and its implementation.
  • Provision of general site fire precautions such us fire extinguishers, fire detection, fire hose reels and warning alarms, proper storage of highly flammable substances should be in place and at strategic storage.
  • Detail out the requirement and control measures for activities that may incur fire outbreaks such as hot work.
  • No unauthorized open fire is allowed on site.
  • Proper designated smoking area at workplaces
  • Establish fire escape and communication, including an evacuation plan, emergency procedures and emergency team for co-ordination with SCDF or Fire Services Department once fire outbreak.
  • Plan fire drills and training as appropriate.

Fire Safety Organization

Detail breakdown the individual responsibilities involved in the project such Project Manager, Safety Manager, Site Manager, Fire coordinators, Fire Warden etc. to ensure the implementation of the program smoothly.

Fire Fighting Facilities & Service

All parties involved, such as each trade contractor should provide the facilities but not limited as such:

  1. Fire Extinguishers : Provide suitable type, location and provide ” fire point”
  2. Electrical Fire Pumps: Provide
  3. Fire Hose reels
  4. Fire Patrols: inspect the workplaces
  5. Fire Alarm
  6. Fire Exit Signs
  7. Emergency lighting

Fire Procedures

A means of Emergency procedures to establish the means of fire warning when happen.

Provide & maintain easily visible Fire Emergency Notice

Display an emergency telephone list on the site notice boards

Display the written fire procedures in both  English and Chinese in prominent positions around the work area.

Conduct the quadrant fire drills at one year.

Fire Fighting Training

All parties shall explain the usage of different types of fire extinguishers during the fire coordination course.

Designated a fire assembly point which is away from work-site and notify all the site personnels .




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