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Formatting the Health & Safety Method Statement

With previous discussion of Safety Management System, there is a need to have comprehensive health & safety method statement for the work process and activities for each project. Customized and reviewed the scope of work in detail and format the relevant method statement which is fit the work, instead of off-selves and in generic  format.

health & safety method statement

Each activities and trade work ought to at its own in the following detail.

1. Scope of Work

Provide a clear defined description of the work base on the contract to be undertaken, identifying the sequence of key activities, associate activities with others, and the exact location of the work to be carried out.

2. Organization for Health & Safety Control

Provide an organization diagram to identify the composition of the site management & supervisory team assigned for each site operation.

Clearly identify the key health & safety duties of the management and supervisory staff that involved.

3. Health  & Safety Risks and Controls

Provide a safety risk register identifying :

  • the key work elements/ activities in respect to the overall scope of work
  • the key risk to health and safety associated with those work elements/ activities
  • the key safety control measures & precautions
  • location on site where the risk assessment can be viewed.

4.  Access/ Egress

Cleary identify the safe means of access and egress to the workplace.

Alternative arrangement if the access/ egress route be blocked and maintain emergency escape routes.

5. Lighting

Identify the arrangements for workplace provided with sufficient task lighting & access route lighting.

6. Plant & Equipment

Provide a register to identify the details of the significant plant & equipment to be used on site, statutory test/ examination certification required, training certification for the operators etc.

7. Personnel Training Certification

Provide a project training register to identify the operation/ activities requiring specific training certification for work personnel, and held a copies of relevant training certification on site for inspection.


8. Hazardous Materials & Substances

Provide a list hazardous materials and substances to be used on site, the key risk associated to health and the control measures and precautions measured to be implemented.


9.  Waste Management

Provide a control measure for the waste products at the workplace and measure to segregating ‘ hazardous waste’ from ‘non-hazardous waste’ for disposal off site.


10. Special Control Measures

Identify is there any special control measures such as permit to work systems, specialist training, specialist equipment etc. to be implemented to ensure the adequacy of protection for the employees and staff and any others against risk of injury. Example,

  • Asbestos removal works
  • Work on or near electrical systems
  • Work within confined spaces
  • work over/ adjacent to water ( eg. sea)
  • crane lifting operations.

Specify the authorized persons who will be in overall control of the implementation the special control measures. Set-up ‘safe system of work’ for the satisfactory implementation of the special control measures. Ensure the personnel acquire specific training and competence to undertake the work operations.


The formatting of the health and safety method statement shall be sub-divided into each specific task as detail as possible. Try to avoid generic and blanket type format to cover all the operation & activities, this is to identify the risk and establish the control measures in more specific and effectives way. The involvement from the top management and safety team shall work hand-in-hand for the success of the implementation.








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