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Get the Robots to Lay the Floor Tiles

That’s not be surprised in near future there will be robots in the market to lay the floor tiles ┬áin HDB flats? With the labour shortage and crunch in current situation it might be a alternative and viable solution to look for replace the labour intensive work with the machine, like robots as such. The video that publish on 20 May worth watching by local contractors to seek in improving productivity and less rely on the labour.

With assistant of the robots, the speed for the laying of tiles will definitely increase many folds. However, the main concern of the sub-contractors will be on the initial investment, training, maintenance and ROI issues. Many question will be raised when it is compared with using tiler ( human) versus robots. Name the few for the further though.

  • Will the setting up of the robots are user friendly for non-educated workers.
  • How long required to carry out the setting up for the robots. If the floor are is big, time of setting may be minimised in conjunction of area. Questionable when the rooms are small and in the odd size.
  • Can it be used for granite/ marble tiles which is more heavier and time consume.
  • How can the small size sub-contractor be able to adapt and receive support ( grants, training etc) to use the robots.

There is always room for improvement for any trade and should continue encourage more invention of machineries and tools to increase the productivity in construction industry. Hope this ignite the ideas and explore more alternative methods to replace the conventional practice.






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