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Hot Topic of Budget 2014 for SMEs

There is a lot hot topic discussion after the budget 2014 announce since 21 Feb.

If you miss it, you may watch the youtube below via the links:

Singapore Budget 2014

Hot or not @ Budget 2014


This budget has been acknowledged to build a fair and equitable society such as recognition the pioneer generation,  increase the CPF rate for the age above 50 etc. which are believe to build a strong and sustainable social safety net.

A more highlight topics for the business employers and SMEs are:

  • Continue the support of innovation and skills for the businesses.
  • Encourage of adopting ICT solutions to increase productivity’s for the SMEs.
  • Growth opportunities in overseas which is towards internalization
  • Measure to increase productivity in construction sector and calibration of foreign workers policies.

For more detail of the speech, you may read it on “ transforming our Society ” @


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