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How to Budget Your Home Renovation

Home Renovation Budget

Budgeting Your Home Renovation

Renovating your home is another big and important decision like buying a new home.

Be it renovation only of existing bathroom to total rebuild the house with engaged professional Architect and Engineer, we shall start with the budget. Here are the few guide of consideration when plan your home renovation before you engage a professional Quantity Surveyor to calculate the budget when design is firm up.

Home Renovation Budgeting

1. Demolition Cost

2. Piling and Foundation

3. Excavation and Shoring Cost

4. Sub-structure & Superstructure Cost

5.  Roofing Cost

6. Wet trades

7. Finishing or Architectural Works

8. Windows & Doors

9. Sanitary & Plumbing Works

10. Electrical & Air-conditioning works

11. Security & Automation

12. Sanitary Fittings & Light Fixtures

 13. Landscaping

14 . Professional Designs & Consultation

15. Government Submission, GST etc.

16. Etc.

The list of itemised breakdown can be long depend on the requirement and design intends.

Get a good taught and consult with your designer or contractor and develop your budget and review your design to suit your budget. The construction can be varies and fluctuated over the time, do get more quote from various contractor and consultants to get the better deals.

If you have ideas in your mind and resourceful of the design that you want, you may list out and engage a contractor to construct for you instead of engage of a interior designer.

If you need a quick budgeting for your home renovation, drop us a line and we will assist this with no obligation cost for the quick estimation.

For those with design and floor plan ready, you may talk to our preferred Contractor,  9 Reno Pte Ltd for more detail.

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