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How to Estimate the FireProofing Work

What is the standard of measurement or quantity take off for Fireproofing work ?

Let’s establish type of fireproofing work available in the industry.

Type of FireProofing Work:

1. Cementitious Fireproofing / vermiculite 

2. Intumescent Coating or Paint

3. Insulation Type

The basic of the measurement is on per meter square ( m2) on the coverage of the steel or structure members for every sides.


measurement of fireproofing steel strcuture


Other consideration when estimating:

  1. Design of the fire rating : 1 hour, 2 hour or 4 hour.

    • The type of fire rating subject to the steel structure design and depend of the type of fireprofing can be achieved the rating.
    • It is advisable to get the specialized advise from the fire proofing Professional Engineer ( PE) which will affect the type of the material to be used and affect on the cost.
  2. Thickness of the fireproofing

    • Thickness will design and it will endorse by Fireproofing’s PE.
    • For calculation of DFT (dry film thickness) a factor called Hp/A (heated perimeter divided by cross sectional area), referred to as “section factor” and expressed in m-1, is used.
  3. Internal or external of fireproofing material

    • External fireproofing which is subjected to weather will require different type of material, and wire mesh will be added depend on the fire rating.
  4. Volume of Area

    • The volume of area will affect the rate of the fireproofing work
    • The more the area the rate will be more competitive as the saving of mobilisation.
  5. Access for the Application

    • Do not miss out the type of access to perform the work.
    • Some area may need scaffold erection, gondola, scissor lifts or boom lifts.
    • The equipment cost to perform the work may add up the final rate of the work.
  6. Fees for Professional Engineer & DOC

    • In the norm, the fees of PE will be charged separately on top of ¬†the schedule of rate.
    • The DOC ( declaration of Compliance) for the fireproofing work will subject to the project requirement. For example, intumescent paint will have DOC and cementitious spray will not require DOC.


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