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More Construction Productivity & Capability Fund

Construction Productivity & Capability Fund

More cash is pumping by government into construction productivity and capability fund to lift the building industry is seem that a good news for industry. However, it is also shown that productivity rate on construction industry is still not achieve the target set by the government, where 1.2 % versus the Government target of 2 to 3 %. What is the size of the fund ? Is up to $335 million is committed by the government to date. More detail can refer to Asia One web link.

What is the key point of the move ?

  • Improve worker’s skills
  • Adopt new technology

It is hope to reduce the manpower resources and speed up the construction process.


PPVC – ” Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction”

More incentive and encourage for the new development is adopting the method of PPVC which is involved of rooms or structure ¬†that being built off-site and installed on site by just “stacked together” and reduce the on-site construction process. This technique and methods is expected to increase the productivity by more than 40%.

Government will set requirement of Government Land sales site to adopt the PPVC methods.

Building Information Modelling ( BIM)

Another movement is the involvement and integration of BIM in the projects, as the data-heavy 3D computer models will help various stages from design to construction process to aim in minimise abortive work and increase productivity. The feedback from 11 projects that inaugural BIM award has received positive response.

The roadmap from government is demonstrate the eagerness of increase the productivity in all aspect and the construction industry has to change the mindset and adjust the approaches towards the conventional way. With the government fund that help the way along, the process will be much more smoother than expected.

With more and more project  involving BIM integration, the consultants ( Architect, Engineers & QS), builders, and even though the sub-contractors have to start to implementing it as a team to lift up the productivity and efficiency.














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