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New Training Required for HDB Demolition Works

There are requirement start from 1 Jan 2014, where HDB registered contractor must send workers for training in demolition works. With that enforcement, those contractor do not have certified workers are not allow to carry out hacking and demolition work by HDB. According to  The Straits Times dated 7 Dec 2013, to-date there are 600 workers have been taken part on the course and there no figure disclose how many HDB registered contractor are yet to send their workers to attend the course. With that training for the workers, there is aim to increase the awareness and important to carry out the demolition work safely and proper way to prevent any accident of wall collapse in past year. Will that impact on the any HDB house owner when engage the contractor to carry out any renovation work which is involved demolition or alteration work on the unit? These issues yet to be addressed and monitor to prevent any issues of permit not being approved by the HDB and causing the delay of the renovation schedule when dispute arise when new implementation kick in. As for HDB contractor, they are urged to sending their workers for attend the one-day course conducted by BCA Academy  ( click here to link for the course detail). The contractors can claim up to 95 per cent of the fee under the PIC scheme.


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