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Freelance Quantity Surveying Services

If you are looking for a freelance or part time with professions Quantity Surveyor to assist in your up-coming/ on-going projects, development or work orders ?  Following are some of our services may find suit you:

  • Quantity Takeoff  and measure the project or drawings

  • Tender bidding

  • Re-measure your as-built drawings

  • drafting contract and sub-contract documents for the requisition contract

  • Estimating and budgeting the cost of the work or project

  • contract administration

  • Project surveillance related to the contract and quality

Freelance QS Services

We  will be your right choice if you are looking for  assignment base or contract basic for your project. We are  not  freelancer that provide QS  services, we are committed to provide value QS services to serve client and builders that reserve a quality service.

We are not compromise with our quality of work, as a freelance QS for your project, we are commit to the work done to be delivery equal to the time commitment and provide necessary consultation.

If you are looking for freelance QS to handle your on-going project, weekly meeting and contract for the client will be included in the services. The extend  to the of progress claim and sub-contractor claims should be full time QS work instead of part time basic. You may consider to focus on re-measurement work for the to be outsource once the drawings are ready.


Forward us your drawings, plan we will follow up with no obligation quote.

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Our recent project :

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