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3 Facts Should Know About Quantity Surveyor Jobs

Facts to Know About Quantity Surveying Jobs

Quantity Surveyor job is a very demanding job in construction industry. The roles and responsibility of a quantity surveyor  in a project or development are mainly involve from Consultant, Client, Main contractor to Sub-contractor to each and every trade.

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Fact 1 :  A Financial  and Procurement  Controller

As mentioned in the previous blog ( What QS can do !), the main roles of  a QS is to act as a financial controller. However, if you are joining with Contractors, your role main expand further to be more resourceful and act as procurement controller.  Despite cost estimation and evaluation, the skill of resourceful and request of quote  are added advantage if you would like to be a QS.


Fact 2 :  Handling of  Tender & Taking Off the Quantity

The other essential skill set and experience required by experience Quantity Surveyor is to handling tender activities and process. Be it you are consultant QS or Contractor’s QS, both are required to  intensively involve in the tender stage and time is always limited and challenging. The measurement or taking off of the projects are required to be quantified and  accurately taking off and price in.


Fact 3 : Working on Site or Office

For sure, the environment is still in office to handle or the measurement and quantity. However, for some skill of job site, site QS is required and basically station on the site office and required regularly site visit to verify and monitoring the site progress. In some cases, if the QS is only in charge of tender activities or contract administration, they are be limited time involve or go down to site as compare with Site QS.

The Quantity Surveyor is important to involve from Pre contract to Post Contract to capture the changes and handling all the variation and project administration and always the 1st one to involve and the last to leave until final account is settle. This may not be a must unless more senior management can take over or understand the job. The QS jobs are not limited to the above three points and there are much more he/she can be involved to ensure a successful project.



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