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Project Time Is Running Out! Think About What Quantity Surveyor Can Do for it!

Refer to the Wikipedia definition, the Quantity Surveyor or QS is a professional personnel working within the construction industry that concerned with construction costs and contracts.

The professional services that provided by QS may include :

  • Cost planning and commercial management during the entire life cycle of the project from inception to completion
  • Value engineering
  • Risk Management and calculation
  • Procurement advice and assistance during the tendering procedures
  • Commercial Management and Contract Administration
  • Assistance in dispute resolution
  • Asset Capitalisation
  • Interim payment assessment
  • Cost Management process
  • Claim the extra cost of the design variation

Source: Wikipedia.


Not all construction industry may have the post of Quantity Surveyor, some may call it as Estimator, Surveyor, Measurer, Cost Administrator depend on the practice of the country. In Singapore, as the construction industry practices are follow the BS standard, quantity surveyor has been recognized and widely use to in charged on the contractual and costing for the development.

Roles of Quantity Surveyor in a Project

Safe Guard Client Interest

The Quantity Surveyor is basically act as middle man where liaise with consultants ( architect, engineer, designer etc.) and contractor to ensure the client’s interest is protected.

Act as Financial Consultants

The Quantity Surveyor is also act as financial advisor or consultants for the construction industry. With his/her wide professional training and experience in term of costing, budgeting and contractual arrangement, the Quantity Surveyor is be able to advise the client and consultants on all cost and contractual related issues.


Estimating and Cost Advise

As the development and project are complex, from the conceptual, design stage to construction stage may required costing and measurement advise in different aspect. With accurate estimation, it is essential to have correct advise and decisions with full financial implications for the team.

In additional, the QS are able to retrieve extensive cost data banks and in-depth building knowledge to advise on the cost for the project and development.

Value Engineering

Different design and alternative material use and construction methodology will have great impact on the budget and cost for the project. The Quantity Surveyor is a key persons to know and advise most value for money alternative in respect of from the construction stage to maintenance stage for the client.

He/ she is critical in pre-design feasibility studies for the project and advise on the most economical and budget for the project.

Tendering Procedures and Contractual Arrangement

Type of contract and tender procedure are basically depend on the duration, capacity, budget and particular needs of the individual needs. The Quantity Surveyor be able to advise the most appropriate and time & budget effective for the client.

He/ she will collaborate with various consultants to prepare the contract, specification, bills of quantities and schedule of rates, safety provisions etc which is required for the project.

He/she will assist in tendering process, from assessing, examining and ensure the contractors are quoted as per requirement and specification including examined all the alternative methods of tender documentation are in placed.


Cash Flow budget & Final Account

The Quantity Surveyor will also in charge of the project cash flow and the cost control in the progress of the work. The percentage of work done, valuation of the contractor’s claim, assessing the value of the variations ordered by the consultants, examining the contractor’s variation order claim, ensure fair valuatin and settlement of the VO’s/ final account of the project cost are the essential role.


The are many others roles the Quantity Surveyor can be assisted in the project, the list are unable to list it full here.

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