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Reinforcement Bar Conversion Table

When in measurement of the reinforcement bar for the structural work, the reinforcement bar conversion table will be handy for quantity surveyor or rebar scheduler to measure the kg/m in summary.

In general, the reinforcement bars ( or rebars) specified by Singapore Engineer is in Grade 460 to 500. Do take note on the grade as the mass may be differ in length.rebar conversation_rebars The source of the conversation table is from Natsteel.









Normal rebars is in the form of 12 m long.

The example of the calculation of the rebar for the steel work :

Eg. Beam : 300 x 600 mm x 6 meter

  1. T20 main bar  with 6 meter length. Bar shape code 11
  2. Length of the T20 after minus off the cover.
  3. Length : 6.08  x quantities of nos main bars
  4. Kg/m of T20 : 2.466
  5. Qty : 6.08 x 3 nos x 2.466 = 44.98 kg







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