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Role and Responsibilities of Safety Manager

Managing safety and healthy is an integral function of management. Therefore it is important that this is reflected in the duties and responsibilities of every level of management within the organization.

It is also important to ensure that the avoidance of accident and the provision and maintenance of safe and healthy workplace is an common objective throughout the organization. It should make clear that the safety and health duties and responsibilities delegated to individuals are not less than important than on Safety Manager.

the role and responsibilities of safety manager by qs outsource

Safety Manager

  • Be aware of the requirements of current legislation and the Client’s requirements, and establish procedures to monitor compliance.
  • Provide safety and health information to enable the senior management, directors and the client to monitor the safety and health performance of the project.
  • Evaluate, develop, promote and support the establishment and maintenance of Safety Management System.
  • Identify safety and health training needs and ensure adequate training is provided to all the site personnel.
  • Co-ordinate safety and health activities between Contractors who may be working on the same site.
  • Undertake regular inspections of the work places to ensure that the highest standards of safety and health are achieved.
  • Arrange for adequate resources and facilities to meet the requirements of the established policy.
  • Compile and analyze accident statistics and provide results to senior management, directors and the client.
  • Ensure the manual and forms are the most updated version.
  • Instigate liaison with the Ministry of Manpower ( MOM) and external safety and health organizations.
  • Establish and maintain a line of communication with senior project management for day-to-day safety and health activities.
  • Supervise and monitor the performance of safety personnel.


The Safety Manager is act as role of facilitator and advisor for the project team and ensure the safety and health standard is to the standard and minimize the lapses and cultivate safety culture from management to the worker level. He also need to formulate some specialized safety rules to assist contractors enhancing safe operation and use of the equipment and other In-house Safety Rules for Non-construction / welfare facilities.


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