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What is Permit to Work System for Working-At- Height ( WAH)

The regulation of WSH (WAH) 2013 come to effect  since 1st May 2013 has been taking place to every workplace which is a Factory. Example of workplace classified under factory is factories, construction & shipyards industries.

However, with effect from 1st may 2014 onwards, these Regulations shall apply to every workplace, whether or not a factory. The extend of cover such as, hotels & restaurant, logistics, retail, business services, agriculture sector to any of business nature if the work involve working at height. Under the guideline of regulation, if the work is involved any person work above 3m in height, permit to work system for working at height (WAH) shall be applied.

What is Permit to Work of WAH

The permit to work for WAH is a formal documentation process used to manage work that identified as a potentially hazardous when working at height.

The permit is a systematic way with few tier of inspection, checking and authorization before carry out the hazardous work.

It is enable each and every responsible persons are aware of the hazardous work to be performed, process of work, environment of workplace until the completion of the work.

Each and individual will require carry out necessary measures and carry responsibilities to ensure the work is carry out safely. The permit is established the role and responsibilities for the process and persons involved.

With the permit enforcement, the supervision and maintaining the safe workplace can be enhanced. The routine and periodically inspection or monitoring for the task involved, there is including the time duration, approved location, control measures and rescue measures to be prepared.

Key Person’s for the Permit- to- Work

  1. Supervisor
  2. Safety Assessor
  3. Authorised Manager

All of above shall equip with proper training and acknowledge in order to carry out the task assigned.


When this Permit Required ?

  • When the work is to be carried out by a person more than 3 metres in height.
  • or When the work is to be carried out by a person more than 3 metres into depth. Such as manholes, pits, basement etc.

Implementing the Permit-to-Work System

Before the implementation of permit-to-work system, all the personels for the work shall be adequately train and aware of the safety of the work. The workers perform the task shall be provided necessary training such as using safety harness etc.

With the permit itself, it does not make the is task safe unless the person preparing and carry out the work perform accordingly.

In planning, all the different potential hazardous, foreseeable risks shall be addressed by competent persons. Control measures and mitigation steps to be carried our before approved the task.

After approved the permit, all the risk and control measures shall be communicated to the persons to perform the task, they should understand all the hazards, what is the risk control measures and periodically monitor by the supervisor throughout the process.

The permit shall display clearly on the location of the task.  Tool box talking to be recorded and briefed on the safety prior start the work.

The permit will be revote when it is expired or removed when completion of the hazardous work at height, whichever is the earlier.  The supervisor shall report to the Authorised Manager upon the completion of the work.

During or After Issuing of PTW

  1.  Report the incompatible work

Any persons whose is in duty and aware either the supervisor or workers shall report immediate when there is other incompatible work carry out near the vicinity of the work at height to be carried out. Authorised Manager shall review and assess the need to continue or revoke the PTW until  he thinks it is fit to do so or remedial has been taken placed.

2. Daily Review and revocation of the Permit to Work

In the event of after issuing PTW, the Authorised Manager has reviewed and found that risk to the safety and health at working at height is not safe, he may order to work to cease immediately and revoke the PTW.

The Permit to work at height is just a formalities of the documentation to manage the hazardous work at height activities. All parties involved in  the task shall join effort and share responsibilities and ensure work is carried out practically safe.



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