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What Singapore SMEs want for 2014!

2014_qsoustourceThere is no doubt in past one year is a challenge for SME construction companies in Singapore which is facing the quota for the workers and tightening the employment of foreign employee. The real impact is yet to see which is more likely to surface in coming next few years.

What is the hope and wish list for SMEs for 2014 ?

1. Wish government to give more assistance plans for SMEs ( Small -Medium- Enterprise and Small-Micro-Enterprises too)

2. Provide awareness & simplify to SMEs how to claim the incentives and PIC schemes.

3. Extend the PIC scheme

4. Provide more affordable commercial and industrial space.

5. Help up and provide more assistance for construction related start-up companies.

6. Reduce the COE for the commercial vehicles which is required for transport workers or goods.

7.  More assistance on increase the productivity and support from the government such as rebate & training.

8. Additional tax rebate.

Despite for the challenge ahead, most of SMEs are well aware that as early in embarking on the improvement of the productivity is a must-to-go without U-turn. This is to hope more transition time and support from government to cope the challenge and stay afloat.

by QSoutsource.

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